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I am a beginner at bluegrass mandolin. What is the first thing I should learn? Scales, chords, a song?
Thanks for any advice! I would like to play by ear, not by sheet music. Also, any helpful websites would be appreciated.Bluegrass Question for Mandolin players and fiddlers?
Is it true that if you can play fiddle you can play mandolin. I have been playing fiddle for nearly two years now and I'm soing both classical and bluegrass. I know how to read music ( piano for 6 years pays off). I've been really wanting to play mandolin for quite sometime now. People tell that if you play fiddle then you can play mandolin which i understande there are 8 strings but they are the same as that of a fiddle just teo of each. so is it True?How does one play mandolin with guitar?
I play guitar and have taken up mandolin a few months ago. I've learned a bit of how to play chop chords, the two finger chords, and the c scale. But anyway, I have a couple of recorded acoustic jams and want to add mandolin but not entirely sure on how to correspond it with the guitar, what should I play in order for it to sound good? For example, lets say I have a chord progression with a basic "boom chuck" strumming method of C-G-C, how would I spice that up with adding the mandolin? How should I play the mandolin over it? I'm sure there's no right answer, but whatever, I want a general idea.Mandolin Help?
Okay, first off I play a lot of instruments but I have always wanted to play a stringed instrument. I have a guitar and I know a couple of chords. The only problem I have is my fingers are short. (lol go ahead and laugh). I have always been interested in the mandolin. I know it always depends on the person, but do you think it would be easier for me? Also can you help me with a good beginner one? I know the cheap ones are really no good and not to buy them off the internet and stuff. Target has a really cheap one (like I said it's probably junk) but what do you think of it? I also know that it has to be "set up" where could I get that done? One more thing, I was looking at possibly an Epiphone MM-50 f-style. Is that too much to spend on a beginner one? lol I just liked the style that's all and I'm interested in blugrass. Thanks in advance!Some questions about the mandolin ?
I recentlybecame interested in the mandolin and had some questions about it. Is it easy to learn, as in like, how long does it take to be able to play most chords on it? What's the best type to get? Does it use the same chords as a guitar? If you could answer any/all of my questions, that'd be great. Also, if you could give tips on beginning to play it, that'd be nice too.

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