best guitar tabs to learn

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Whats better to learn, guitar tabs or actual notes?
i just started to play guitar and i can read tabs, but are learning actual notes really that important?Should I learn guitar tabs?
My friend tells me not to and my guitar teacher as well. He says that using your ears are much better than reading tabs. He says using my ears will take much longer, but ultimately it will make you better in the long run. He says tabs are like drugs, you just use it once and then you regularly start using it. He also said that knowing less songs but being very good at what you know is better than knowing lots of songs and not knowing every one perfectly.Question About Learning Guitar Tabs?
Alright so I've been trying to learn to play the acoustic guitar via this book my grandma got me. The book is fine but when trying to learn from a book I get bored real right quick and set it off to the side. Any who I mentioned to a co worker of mine that I'm trying to learn to play he suggested that I just learn to read tabs and then find a simple song I want to learn and start there. Imma go ahead and try out this method because I think if I was actually trying to learn a song and not just repeating the same three boring chords over and over I'd probably be able to get some real practice in. So uh wheres a good place to learn tabs and how long do you think it'll take? Thanks for the feedback yo.Best way to learn guitar?
I have an acoustic guitar that my dad bought for me like a year ago, but I never been able to find good resources to learn from.. Is it easier to learn how to play over the internet or with a teacher? Because I know that guitar teachers can be alittle bit pricey.. I just wanna know if its worth it.Mellow guitar tabs to learn?
going camping, looking for some mellow songs to learn, along the lines of jack johnson/ ben harper/ john butler but like a diff band.. any suggestions? ive been playing for about a yea.

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