basic violin chords

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HELP: Violin Sheet Music to Chords?
Hello. Can someone help me to translate a violin sheet music to chords (like: Em G A Bb). Any of this songs will do.I also have provided the link for the sheet music to be converted. Tattooed on my Mind - d'sound Runaway - The Corrs Tuyo Nang Damdamin - Silent Sanctuary First Love - Utada Hikaru or any popular songs. I hope someone can help me with thisHow can you change guitar chords to violin notes?
I need to know in very basic terms how you change guitar chords to violin notes! It don't understand harmonys and melodys please help! im doing it for a competition and i need help quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What i mean is how can you change guitar chords to one single note so i can play it on the violin.I want to learn violin but im not sure where to start?
I just picked up my violin that I took a few childhood lessons with 8 years ago, i'm really looking to teach myself how to play. I would like to learn to cover my favorite contemporary bands. Just for fun I have no idea how to search for HOW these artists play the violin parts of their songs.. should I look up sheet music? tabs? chords? Im unsure of where to start looking. Do many artists even share the violin parts of their songs like they do guitar? Am I stuck learning it by ear or..? Im dying to learn the violin part of Andrew Belle's Add it up!! I would learn this first if I could find the music sheet for this song!! Thanks guys, when i google any song i want to learn (i.e. andrew belle, imogen heap) all the music sheets dont have violin in it, i dont think? its kind of frustrating.Can you play Four Chord song on the violin?
I am talking about the Four Chord Song by the axis of awesome I will be playing in a band with a guitar and piano and for the heck of it they want a violin I have a violin and i know the basics on how to use it and to read music. I dont think you can play chords on a violin but I just need to somehow do the basic C G Am F if there is sheet music for it please show me it or just explain it to me in great detail because i am not that good In other words: Can you tell me how to play 4 chord song on the violin?Violin worship team?
i was thinking of having a violin join our church worhship and if he was given a set of chords what could he play? would it be possible.

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