basic ukulele chords for beginners

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Ukulele basic for a beginner?
anything helps easy songs cords ect..Ukulele songs with very basic strumming patterns?
I just got a ukulele today. I know the basic chords (A-G, ABDEminor, A7B7C7G7), but i'm having a hard time finding songs to learn. Does anyone know of a website where I can find songs with BASIC strumming patterns? Or any songs off the top of your head? I want more than Mary had a little lamb, obviously, but i'm not ready for challenging strumming patterns.Ukulele tableture or chord help?
I've had this ukulele for a while and I just wanted to really learn how to play. I knew a couple songs and stuff, but I went to a site that has chords (Chords are new to me. I'm used to piano) I've read the beginner and how to stuff, but I don't understand what this means '---3-s-2-s-1---1-s-2-s-3---3-s-2-s-1---' Is that what the beat is supposed to be like or does that actually mean something? I probably sound dumb lol, but I searched around a bit and still can't figure it out. Is what I'm looking at. I really wanna learn the song, it's one of my favorites. Also I'm a little confused at how chords work. Is there not any sheet music? The page I'm confused at shows what I should be playing during the lyrics, but what about when theres a break in singing or the intro?Easiest ukulele song for beginners?
I just got a Kala ukulele three days ago and I know about twelve basic chords but no songs. What would be the easiest song for me to learn right now? Please attach tutorial links if possible.Ukulele songs for beginners?
I have just brought myself a ukulele and i want to learn a song on it, preferably a pop song or a tune i know so any links to clips or websites with songs on for beginners would be help full :) all i can find really is just chords which is slightly boring so i would quite like something that has chords and a melody line you can play at the same time if that's possible ? thankss.

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