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Song When Im Cleaning Windows by George Formby, song lyric for vocal performance plus ...
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Should i learn the ukulele or the banjo?
So here's some info that might help you help me. i play guitar i cant play bar chords i'm an okay at picking i'm good with regular chords and strumming I don't plan on getting lessons for my next instrument which do you think would be easier for me to play, easier to find songs to play along with, and easier to find helpful information online? A ukulele or a banjo? Thanks:)Soprano Ukulele chords for Duelling Banjos?
I've searched the first 5 pages of Google and all I'm getting are the guitar chords and the first couple lines for Yankee Doodle. Also I would prefer the Yankee Doodle part to start on A string. the main thing i need is the part after CCCCFC. Also, I think the version I'm looking seems to have come from a movie? I'm not exactly sure.Should i get a banjo or a ukulele?
ive heard ukuleles are good to sing to, but to me a banjo makes a brighter, stronger sound. - which is easier to learn off the internet/self teach? - what are the differences in sound and how you play it? - which would you recommend? no i want you to answer the 3 questions i have asked !Ukulele chords to guitar chords?
On the uke I play Cm, F, Bb, G7, C7, Eb, C, and A#7 What would that be in guitar chords?? ThxUkulele chords for "Your Name" by Paul Balouche?
Hey, I really like this worship song, and I want to learn how to play it on my ukulele, but I can't find the chords anywhere. If you could find a place where I can get the chords or figure them out that would be great, thanks.

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Song When Im Cleaning Windows by George Formby, song lyric for vocal performance plus ...

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