banjo tabs two heads

Banjo : banjo tabs two heads Banjo Tabs or Banjo Tabs Twou201a Banjo Tabs Two Headsu201a Banjo
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Can someone please explain how Banjo Tabs work?
Okay, so I'm learning how to play the banjo, and I haven't found any site that explains tabs in a way that makes sense. I don't understand how there can be notes in the tab is telling you which string to hold down, and I don't understand the concept to frets. So, I hope smeone can explain this and not simply give me a website.I want to learn to play the banjo. is this a good one to start with, since i have no experience ?
BLUEGRASS BANJO 5 STRING REMO HEAD FREE BAG its $150 on ebay with free shipping brand new. i havent played before or even a guitar, so i dont need anything awesome yet, just something to start out on. the seller has great ratings, so im not worried about being ripped offWhat is the best way to learn the rhythm to playing bluegrass banjo?
I'm trying to teach myself bluegrass banjo and although I'm making good progress one problem I seem to have is understanding how to play the bluegrass rhythm. I'm using tabs so i play the notes but because the tabs don't tell you the rhythm to the song it sounds close to it but not right. How can I fix this problem? also I'm not going to spend money on a teacher because the banjo teachers in this area aren't worth the money I hear nothing but bad experiences and people quiting the instrument because of bad teachers.I would like some help before buying the banjo?
Greetings! I've been thinking of buying a banjo, but I would like some pre-help. First off al; how do i pick? I have decided to go with bluegrass style, and i have read i should use middle finger on string 1, index on number 2 and the thumb on 3, 4 and 5. Is this true? Are there any exceptions? And second, could someone explain to me in an easy way what fretting is and how I do it? Thanks in advance.

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