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How to play Banjo to key of c?
So my friend wants to play mumford and sons "i will wait" with me. With me playing the banjo (which I only table in) but he says he wanted me to learn it in the key of c? What does this mean. And what's the easiest way of doing it? The tabs I'm using originally is the tab for the song on happy banjo Is a banjo in the key of g when it is standard?How to play in the key of c?
So my friend wants to play mumford and sons "i will wait" with me. With me playing the banjo (which I only dabble in) but he says he wanted me to learn it in the key of c? What does this mean. And what's the easiest way of doing it? The tabs I'm using originally is the tab for the song on happy banjo Is a banjo in the key of g when it is standard?If I played guitar hero left handed should I buy a left handed real guitar?
I'm normally right handed in handwriting and other stuff but guitar hero in why it just felt right playing left handed well now I'm looking to buy a electric guitar and I saw the at the lefties cost more than the righties my mom said you have to get a guitar that's for you if your meant to be a lefty you won't be good with a righty is this true?How to improve my temps?
I just installed the H50 onto my mobo and Core 0-3 heats up to around 58 with 2.5% load. Which is like.. Chrome with four tabs, Jdownloader, Catalyst Control Center, Everything, Fences, Razer profiles, all of my security software running, and Windows DVD Maker running in the background. I do tons of work on this computer and running Prime95's stress test makes my temps go into 100C (really bad ) Anyways, my specs are-> Core i7 920 processor Antec 1200 case with side fan acting as another exhaust Mobo is a P6T ASUS LGA 1366 x58 blahblahblah I just installed the H50 water cooling for my cpu and it has had no effect in comparison to the stock cooler that came with the i7 920. Maybe it's the mounting like others have said or I could try a different thermal grease but I don't want to hassle it if these temps aren't going to change drastically. --------------------------------------------------- When running speedfan and realtemp, they say-> System: 51C CPU: 45C AUX: 9C HD0: 37C HD1: 38C Core 0: 58C Core 1: 58C Core 2: 53C Core 3: 52C --------------------------- My gpu is 57C when the fan speed is at 25% and a lot lower if I set the fan manually to 38%, but I don't know the dangers of increasing your fans speed in terms of wear. So any tips there are useful as well. I just want to know how to improve my temps as Prime95 running for an hour reaches 100C and I would hate for my computer to ever crash under 100% load. So thanks in advance for any tips you can give me. :] The H50 comes already has paste on it so I don't have to wait a few days. The 920 is an incredible cpu so far as I have overclocked it to 4.0 without fail. But I clocked it down to 2.8 testing my new water cooling solution and sadly.. it's worse. So I think when I placed it on the board the thermal grease must have moved a little and it isn't covering the whole cpu. Which would explain why Core 2 and 3 are always cooler than 0 and 1. My temps are at 45C, but I bought this water cooling solution so I could have a 35C rig. I'll try remounting it and applying some arctic paste. Thanks, ^^ Oh hey, if I put it into a push pull configuration by attaching another 120mm fan to the back of the cooler the temps go down a -ton- more. Now to stress it out and test it. Thank you Darkan and Will. This cpu rocks with the best of them for the price and it can be overclocked to extreme speeds! At 100% load it reaches 60C-70C. My temps are now usually at 48C and my room temp is almost 100F. So I think it's pretty amazing. Thank you everyone for the help. The push pull configuration did the trick.Do you think this is a good answer?
This was the question: Do most bands make it? Details:well im 14 and im learning guitar. its my dream to be in a band, and be like GREEN DAY, or you know one of those big bands ..i have so many feelings toward being a musician, i just want to play for people and hopefully one day i will be in a band that will make it big. do you think most bands make it? or no? i know its hard workkk My Answer: Let me tell you something kid. Honestly, I don't like these teens who just want to be in a band JUST to make it big and be famous and rich. You should play your instrument and lyrics because you have a passion for it. If you were really sooo passionate for what you were doing, then you wouldn't care if you got big or not because if satisfies you. I'm an Opera Singer, and I could be the new Madonna if I wanted too because it would be easy because of my talent. But I chose not to because I don't want to exploit my great talent! If you don't love what you do, then you won't love the steps it takes to make it big. But if you just want to be rich and famous, then I can't stop you. It won't be worth it. It will be INCREDIBLY painful. I almost made the same mistake you did, I was about to sign the contract, but then I saw all the time it took away from my OPERA LESSONS! The one thing that made me where I was at that exact moment! Let me tell you something. Most bands don't make it big. I live in Chicago, and just in Chicago, there are 200,000 "non big" bands. And these are only ROCK bands only in the single city of CHICAGO. And all of these bands LIVE IN CHICAGO. Count all the big rock bands, and multiply 90,000 by every city in the United States. Source(s): My mother who died last year, the day right before my 13th birthday.

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