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Easy banjo tabs for popular tunes please?
I have only been playing the banjo a short while and would like to learn some well known tunesBanjo/Bluegrass song on youtube with tabs?
I can't find a cool bluegrass song to learn on the banjo. (I play the guitar) I need a video that teaches the song well! Preferably the whole song with tabs in the video and the song can be fairly difficult. btw cripple creek is my favorite bluegrass song So anyone with some cool songs for me to checkout, Thanx a millionHow do i find these banjo tabs?
can someone please help me find complete banjo tableture for "Spanish Fandago". and also if u could give me tablature for dueling banjos too it would be appreciated. i have looked everywhere and cant find any.Fun bluegrass songs to sing and play on banjo?
Im fourteen, ive been playing banjo for a while, and am just learning to play and sing at the same time. Any suggestions and/or links to tabs?Best DVD/Book to Learn Banjo?
Best DVD/Book to Learn Banjo? I recently moved to a rural area for work. There are no banjo teachers in the area, but I just bought one and want to learn. What is the best way to learn on my own. I am thinking I need a really good DVD and book. I want to learn everything from how to string and tune a banjo .to playing songs and reading tabs. Thank.

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