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Bluegrass Standards for Banjo Made Easy 5-String Banjo TAB Book u0026 CD : eBay
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Book of Don Reno banjo tabs.?
Does anyone know of a book of Don Reno banjo tabs? Possibly a collection of the banjo newsletter tabs? Thanks.Where can I find good banjo tabs?
I recently got a five string banjo and I absolutely adore it! But! I am having a terribly difficult time finding tabs for it. I would love to play Avett Brothers stuff but at this point I just need something to learn! Thanks a bunch! -LaurenBest DVD/Book to Learn Banjo?
Best DVD/Book to Learn Banjo? I recently moved to a rural area for work. There are no banjo teachers in the area, but I just bought one and want to learn. What is the best way to learn on my own. I am thinking I need a really good DVD and book. I want to learn everything from how to string and tune a banjo .to playing songs and reading tabs. ThanksBest banjo for beginners help?
i want to learn to play the banjo but dont know which one to buy or even anything about it???I wanna take up the banjo or ?
Hi guys, Im INTERESTED in taking up the banjo, just cos i like the sound of them. id like to ask you guys, if im into those insturments, what other instruments would i be into? e.g.. maybe i might like the ukulele or the mandolin or lute??? Any ideas thanks!! *EDIT*:[QUOTE]I don't know if you are in the UK but there's a good series on BBC 1 TV Sunday evening called 'Play it Again' [/QUOTE] Yeah, my brother directed and produced "play it again", the one with Aled and Skinner.

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