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Blank 5 String Banjo Blank Sheet Music and Chord Boxes
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Questions & Answers :

Where can i find this banjo tablature?
where can i find tablature for the whole song of dueling banjos for the banjo??????????Any Banjo Ukulele Songs?
I just got a banjo uke, but I don't have any idea what type of songs I should learn on it. I already know "somewhere over the rainbow", and "wipeout" by surfaris sounds pretty cool too. But I need some more. I prefer tablature, because the plucking sounds better on it then strummingBest banjo for beginners help?
i want to learn to play the banjo but dont know which one to buy or even anything about it???Whats a good begginner song/songs for a fiddle, banjo, and guitar?
Me and my sisters are want to play at this talent show, and we are beginners. The talent show is in JULY!! We need a song that all of us can play on each of our instruments fast! A easy song please. I need chords for fiddle, banjo, & guitar. Thanks! :)Where are some free instructional videos on how to play the banjo?
I'm a beginner to all music but have always liked the "twang" of banjo music plus everyone and their brother has a guitar and it's quite over rated. Aside from all the A's who will write "who wants to play the banjo, pick up a guitar", can anyone list som free online tips on banjo playing? Thanks, Bra.

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