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Learning banjo vs. guitar. Banjo help?
I'm not asking "is it hard to learn" I don't care how hard it is. That's where discipline comes in. I'm not about to give up cause it's kickin my @ss so far. Lol. I taught myself to play guitar. Recently I got a 5 string banjo. Very recently. I've learned it's really really different from guitar even if it looks kinda similar. I'm not sure if I should be focusing on my fret hand or the hand I pick with more at the moment. I just Don't really know what i'm supposed to be doing right now. Where to start, what to work on, exercises to practice so on General tips on learning how to get started with a banjo would be great.Which one is best and better to learn Guitar Vs keyboard?
Which one is best and better to learn Guitar Vs keyboard Is that possible to produce the sounds from the instruments piano, violin, guitar in keyboard By the way does some other instrument perform like this, i meant guitar..Which one make you undergone into such good feel, please suggest me to learn what shall i go for..I would like both keyboard and guitar but dont know which one to choose.Ukulele vs Guitar, which should I buy next?
I currently own a cheap soprano ukulele and am ready to get a more quality instrument, and in a larger size. I was thinking of a Lanikai LU21-T. However, my sister just got a guitar and I fell in love with the sounds that come out of that thing. I am rather low on funds right now, so it's the Uke or the Guitar. I love the uke, and maybe later in the year could pick up a guitar, like around my birthday or Christmas or something. However the guitar is more mainstream and more can be done on it. Help me make a decision please!!!Questions about hybrid banjos?
So I want to play banjo but I already know a little about guitar and so I found out about hybrid banjos aka 6 string banjos. So I have some questions about them. 1. If tuned to a guitar can they be used to play guitar music and tabs found online. 2. If one is not using them for gigging just playing at home are they a good choice as opposed to a 4 or 5 string banjo? 3. Can them be used for gigging/ in a band? Any mainstream/underground/local artists in your area use them in a band? Or are 4 or 5 string banjos a better choice. 4. How much does a good beginner 6 string banjo cost. Keep in mind I am musician so I understand the importance of a quality instrument. So don't tell me to buy a $50 k-mart one. 5.So basically it is a guitar that sounds and looks like a banjo right? So it can be played just like a guitar? Maybe using alternate tuning it could sound and play nothing like a guitar. But for the most part it is played like a guitar right? If am wrong please explain.What do you guys know about the instrument called a viola?
1.) Would it sound good when associated with electric guitars and drums in a rock/metal band? 2.) Fingers VS. bow-what do you think is better 3.) Are there chords are how is it played? THANK YO.

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