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Learning Mandolin ? Any online Lessons!?
I am a beginner .never touched a Mandolin in my life. Are the chords same as the guitar..? What is a Banjo Chord..?Should i learn the ukulele or the banjo?
So here's some info that might help you help me. i play guitar i cant play bar chords i'm an okay at picking i'm good with regular chords and strumming I don't plan on getting lessons for my next instrument which do you think would be easier for me to play, easier to find songs to play along with, and easier to find helpful information online? A ukulele or a banjo? Thanks:)Could a 6 string Banjo be played like a guitar?
I play the guitar and i'm looking into getting a banjo (because i love the country sound of a banjo) but i don't have the money to afford lessons for it, so i'm wondering if the tuning of the strings on the 6-string banjo is the same as a guitar, and if they could be played the same way. i know a 5-string banjo is different, that's why i want a 6string one. thanks :)Is it easier to learn banjo or fiddle?
My 7 year old daughter is wanting to take guitar lessons this fall and I thought I might take up a new instrument myself so that when we're home and she doesn't have to worry about protecting that "rock star" image, then we can jam together. I thought something like the banjo or fiddle would make good accompanyment. I have a basic understanding of music, but it's rusty. My grandmother taught me piano when I was young (25 years ago) and then I played alto sax through elementary school (18-20 years ago). I'm sure with a little practice being able to read music quickly would come back to me. Any advice or suggestions? Is there something else I might consider that would go with her guitar well? Thank youHelp with playing a banjo?
My parents bought me a banjo for christmas but I don't know how to play it Obviously I wont get it till christmas but just some help for the future? Whats the difference note wise between a guitar and a banjo? I wanted to play some songs i really like if i die young by the band perry, or all your life Or mean by taylor swift! How would I convert the note from a guitar to banjo? I know a banjo is a type of guitar but the tunes and everyting are different than like a acoustic? I dont know much about guitars, my brothers do but they dont play banjo.

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