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Mandolin u0026 Tenor Banjo Chords : Mandolin GDAE TAB 200 tunes, so far.
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Chord Progression in the key of G or A?
so Axis of Awesome does something called the 4 Chord song, where they do a crap ton of pop songs using the same 4 chords. Im told it in the key of E and the chord progression is I-V-vi-IV so its E B C#m A I want to play this on Banjo, so i would like to know what this would be in G or A (open tunings) Thank you very much here is a link to the videoWhat key are banjo, mandolin and guitar in?
Are they all in the same key? If not tell which key each one is in. I thought they were all Bb but i not sure. Thanks in advance.How do you set a banjo up to play in the key of E minor?
I know that to play the banjo with no capo, no changes to the chords, means to play in the key of G. I also know that to change to other major keys, you just place a capo at the appropriate place. But now I'm trying to play a tune in the key of Em, and I have no idea exactly what to do differently. Thanks in advance you guys, BenTuning my banjo to the key of C?
I am planning on learning a song on the banjo and performing with it, and the song is in the key of C. I've trying looking different keys to tune to, but all that comes up for the key of C is double C. My banjo is currently tuned to G. Should I use my capo, or tune my strings? HELP!How to play banjo over guitar chords?
i play a lot of instruments. i just think i figured my answer out right as im writing this. you just pick around whatever if its in the same key as the guitar chords. right? or no? any tip.

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