banjo chords in g

G7 Banjo Chord
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Guitar chords in relation to banjo chords?
Hi, I'm a beginner banjo player and just had a question about the relationship between guitar chords and banjo chords? Basicly, I want to know if I can take guitar tabs and play the same chords but for a banjo and still get a similar sound? More specificly, I want to know how to play the guitar chords G, Am, D and C on the banjo. If you want to get even more specific, I want to figure out how to play this guitar song: on the banjo. Any tips, words of wisdom? Thanks!Would any given chord sound the same on two instruments?
for example, would a G chord sound the same on a banjo and a guitar?Best banjo for beginners help?
i want to learn to play the banjo but dont know which one to buy or even anything about it???Are banjo and guitar chords the same?
i'm trying to learn a song from the guitar, but i onlt have a banjo if i try to play it which i don't will it sond good?Does anybody know how to translate guitar chords to banjo chords?
Preferably A, Amajor and D. It would be helpful. Thanks! :.

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