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Banjo Chord Wall Chart Poster Fretboard Standard C Tuning 5 String Chords Notes : eBay
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Questions & Answers :

How to play a C+ chord on banjo?
How do I play a C+ chord on the banjo? In standard tuning -> gDGBD Could you tell me exactly where to put my fingers on each of the strings and on what fret? Or even give me a link to a diagram of it as I can't find one anywhere.Anybody know how to tune a banjo?
I have a 5 string Goodtime Deering banjo that I got recently and it's way out of tune. Trouble is, I don't know what notes the strings are supposed to be. (Sorry if I used the wrong terminology I'm a noob) Any help would be deeply appreciated.Tuning my banjo to the key of C?
I am planning on learning a song on the banjo and performing with it, and the song is in the key of C. I've trying looking different keys to tune to, but all that comes up for the key of C is double C. My banjo is currently tuned to G. Should I use my capo, or tune my strings? HELP!EMERGENCY!! i need help on two banjo chords immediantly!!!?
C and D chords i need themNOW please!!!How to play banjo over guitar chords?
i play a lot of instruments. i just think i figured my answer out right as im writing this. you just pick around whatever if its in the same key as the guitar chords. right? or no? any tip.

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