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Questions & Answers :

How I can figure out what chords to play for a particular part of a song?
What does letters on top of a staff specifies in a music sheet?
There as letters like Am, G, A7 etc. on top of staff in each measure. I know these are called chords but have no Idea how to play them There are also notes on staff which to play notes or chord. Please help I am just a beginner.Can someone tell me how to play this?
i heard a song called birds and the bees by Patrick & Eugene but there are zero tabs for it. can some one give me the chords they use. also in the video it shows them playing banjo. but it sounds like ukulele witch i also play. plz helpI figured out the main part to 'Wish you were here' on piano, now how do I get the background guitar sound?
I've figured out the main piano part to 'Wish you were here.' Listen to the piano part of Sparklehorse/Radiohead's cover of the song to know what I mean. Now, I want to incorporate the back ground guitar part on the piano, but I'm not sure how to do it. I don't read music, I figured out the main part by ear. Any help?I just got a ukulele, help ?
I'm 16, with my birthday money, out of the blue, i bought a ukulele. yah idk why, i have no clue how to play it or anything i was just inspired monday morning around 3am to get a ukulele and learn it. I really want to learn it so please help me!! #1 do online tuners work. (i have a soprano kala makala ukulele) #2 can you play with a pick or is using your fingers better #3 what are some good beginner chords, songs, strumming techniques, ect.. #4 anything else you can think of. thanks!!!!:.

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