banjo chords a minor

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Questions & Answers :

Does anybody know how to translate guitar chords to banjo chords?
Preferably A, Amajor and D. It would be helpful. Thanks! :]How do you convert guitar tabs to those that can be played on banjo?
A banjo is typically tuned in G, so how do you get a banjo to make the same chord as a chord on the guitar? So that is sounds identical?What are the notes making up a major chord in the 5 string banjo?
I know that for a guitar, you play a major chord by playing the 1st, 4th, and 7th note in the scale (Ex: you play an A (1st note in scale), C (4th note in scale), and E (7th note in scale) to make an A chord on a guitar). What would be the equivalent numbering for the 5 string banjo?What website would let you hear what a E minor 7th chord would sound like- assuming you don't have a guitar?
What other instruments besides a guitar would play a chord at once- instead of just being able to play a single note at once anyway? ThanksHow do you set a banjo up to play in the key of E minor?
I know that to play the banjo with no capo, no changes to the chords, means to play in the key of G. I also know that to change to other major keys, you just place a capo at the appropriate place. But now I'm trying to play a tune in the key of Em, and I have no idea exactly what to do differently. Thanks in advance you guys, Be.

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