banjo chords 5 string g tuning

Beginning Five-String Folk Banjo - Part Eight - More 3/4 and More Chord Stuff
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On a banjo how do I re-tune 5th string in Bb?
On a banjo I wish to play in Bb (G tuning )capo 3rd fret. What do I tune my 5th string to?Anybody know how to tune a banjo?
I have a 5 string Goodtime Deering banjo that I got recently and it's way out of tune. Trouble is, I don't know what notes the strings are supposed to be. (Sorry if I used the wrong terminology I'm a noob) Any help would be deeply appreciated.Could a 6 string Banjo be played like a guitar?
I play the guitar and i'm looking into getting a banjo (because i love the country sound of a banjo) but i don't have the money to afford lessons for it, so i'm wondering if the tuning of the strings on the 6-string banjo is the same as a guitar, and if they could be played the same way. i know a 5-string banjo is different, that's why i want a 6string one. thanks :)Banjo ukelele stringing and tuning?
I found a Dixie banjo uke and got strings for it but know practically nothing about ukeleles or banjos. I put the strings on and could easily switch them around but don't know if they are supposed to be from thinnest to fattest or vice versa or mixed. If 1 was thinnest and 4 was fattest i strung it: 2 4 3 1. No clue if that's right. I also don't know where to place the bridge or what to tune it to. I don't have an electronic tuner for it. Help?How to play a C+ chord on banjo?
How do I play a C+ chord on the banjo? In standard tuning -> gDGBD Could you tell me exactly where to put my fingers on each of the strings and on what fret? Or even give me a link to a diagram of it as I can't find one anywhere.

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