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Guitar chords in relation to banjo chords?
Hi, I'm a beginner banjo player and just had a question about the relationship between guitar chords and banjo chords? Basicly, I want to know if I can take guitar tabs and play the same chords but for a banjo and still get a similar sound? More specificly, I want to know how to play the guitar chords G, Am, D and C on the banjo. If you want to get even more specific, I want to figure out how to play this guitar song: on the banjo. Any tips, words of wisdom? Thanks!Banjo tab for thats what country is by luke bryan?
i cant find this banjo tab anywhere. can anyone help me locate this tab?Help finding banjo tabs?
Ok so my cousin is getting married like in October, and they want me to play my banjo at her wedding with my older cousin. Now my problem here is I can't find the tabs online, and I'm not well on chords. I need the song "to make you feel my love" by kris allen if you can translate chords to tabs that would be great too or any sites. I know it's there cause there's videos on YouTube. I don't wanna let my cousin down. HELP!!!!Transposing guitar tabs/chords?
How do I transpose guitar chords to banjo chords? For example, if tabs online tell me that the guitar plays a D chord, and I play a D chord on my 5 string banjo (tuned to open G) It sounds completely wrong. I know its probably something simple, but I just got my banjo last week and I'm excited to play some sweet stuff on it. Here is what I'm working on if you would be able to help me specifically: to read banjo tabs?
I'm 15 and i got a banjo for christmas, (YAY) i live in a small town in canada, so not many people know how to play banjo here, i bought the only banjo in town, and there are no teachers here. I looked online and i have the HARDESt time reading tabs. i just dont understand. That sheet music it's easy apparently, but i cant read it, how do i know if i strum or if i pick? and i know a 0 means its played open with no fret, but on that sheet music there's like 3 0's ontop of eachother, what does it mean!? and the lines underneath conecting to eachother, what about that? So if someone could maybe convert part of that sheet music to chords, so i could just search up the chords that would be helpful, or explain what you know.. and if there's a website that could help me.

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