5 string banjo tabs for beginners

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If im going to start playing banjo, shoul i get a 4 string or 5 string?
i would only be a beginnerQuestions about hybrid banjos?
So I want to play banjo but I already know a little about guitar and so I found out about hybrid banjos aka 6 string banjos. So I have some questions about them. 1. If tuned to a guitar can they be used to play guitar music and tabs found online. 2. If one is not using them for gigging just playing at home are they a good choice as opposed to a 4 or 5 string banjo? 3. Can them be used for gigging/ in a band? Any mainstream/underground/local artists in your area use them in a band? Or are 4 or 5 string banjos a better choice. 4. How much does a good beginner 6 string banjo cost. Keep in mind I am musician so I understand the importance of a quality instrument. So don't tell me to buy a $50 k-mart one. 5.So basically it is a guitar that sounds and looks like a banjo right? So it can be played just like a guitar? Maybe using alternate tuning it could sound and play nothing like a guitar. But for the most part it is played like a guitar right? If am wrong please explain.I want to learn to play the banjo. is this a good one to start with, since i have no experience ?
BLUEGRASS BANJO 5 STRING REMO HEAD FREE BAG its $150 on ebay with free shipping brand new. i havent played before or even a guitar, so i dont need anything awesome yet, just something to start out on. the seller has great ratings, so im not worried about being ripped offInstruments you can learn without a teacher?
I need a new obsession to practise and become good at. I dont play any instruments at the moment apart from a couple of stuff on the piano but the thing is i dont want to take lessons 'd rather practise when i feel like. Are there any instruments you can get good at just by practising and without needing a lot of teaching.

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