3 finger mandolin chords

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Mandolin Help?
Okay, first off I play a lot of instruments but I have always wanted to play a stringed instrument. I have a guitar and I know a couple of chords. The only problem I have is my fingers are short. (lol go ahead and laugh). I have always been interested in the mandolin. I know it always depends on the person, but do you think it would be easier for me? Also can you help me with a good beginner one? I know the cheap ones are really no good and not to buy them off the internet and stuff. Target has a really cheap one (like I said it's probably junk) but what do you think of it? I also know that it has to be "set up" where could I get that done? One more thing, I was looking at possibly an Epiphone MM-50 f-style. Is that too much to spend on a beginner one? lol I just liked the style that's all and I'm interested in blugrass. Thanks in advance!Can someone give me a way to play a easy B chord and E chord on the Mandolin
it shouldn't require too many fingers. Like 3 at mostGuitar voilen chords same?
Please give me some info how to buy a good voilenMandolin or Banjo?
I'm wanting to learn a new instrument and I already play guitar - although I don't know alot about music theory, etc etc, I just play for fun and by ear. I don't want to sound lazy because I know any instrument takes alot of practice, but generally speaking, which instrument is easier to learn to play - a mandolin or a banjo? Just curious what some of you accomplished players might say.How long should it take to learn a chord?
I have been practicing the G Chord for 3 weeks and I cant get it! I have my position right. Thumb behind neck, straight palm and all but I can' t do it right! My problem is the 4th string! I can't play all of them, but the finger on the 5th string prevents the 4th string to play properly. I'm fine with the 5th and 6th string. I curved the finger on the 6th perfectly and can play the 5th properly. What do I do.

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