21 guns guitar tabs

21 Guns by Green Day - Solo Guitar Guitar Pro Tab : mySongBook.com
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Guitar chords for 21 guns?
after watching the guitarjamz videos on youtube i have found them to be innacurate, an easy but incorrect way to play the song. Thats why i doubt that way of 21 guns by green day. who has the REAL chords? (or some other greenday songs i could play)"Green Day-21 Guns" Guitar Chords?
I have you have it please send me a link or somethingI need the guitar chords and what frets to play it on for 21 guns for accoustic?
I am a beginner trying to learn to play guitar i want to learn this song but i need the chords and notes and somehow someway to show me where that is on my accoustic guitar if anyone can please help thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!Help with guitar tab .?
http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/g/green_day/21_guns_tab.htm#comments Can anyone help with the chorus? I dislike power chords, and would rather have usual chords. It may sound stupid, I just REALLY fail at power chords. Thanks in advance >.

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