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Can any1 explain to me Split chords?(for piano)?
Im only 13 and learning piano and im learning a song with split chords Such as D/C or E/F?? PLease explain?Is it still a 13th chord if the ninth and the eleventh is ommitted?
e.g. this F piano chord from E D A F C F so then this chord is an F major7(add13) chord?Piano chord website??
I am 13 and have been taking piano lessons for about 6 years now. i am having a lot of trouble learning chords and recognizing them. i was wondering if there are any free websites that can easily teach me some chords. thanks:)Piano Chord Help Please?!?!?!?!?
I am starting to learn to play piano chords for our church worship team and I have a few questions. 1. What is the difference between a B4 chord and a Bsus Chord? - I've looked both of them up and keep finding B, E, F# for both. 2. What is a B5 Chord? 3. How am I supposed to play a F#m11 Chord??? - My fingers don't even reach all the notes! Thanks!Does Anyone Know Any Jazz Chords On Piano?
On piano or keyboard can anyone tell me any jazz chords because i think they sound awesome. Could you tell me what notes to put my fingers on please.

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