1000 years piano chords

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri Piano sheet
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Piano chords claire de lune or 1920s, 1000 years or 1000 miles?
Ok I want to learn some piano music but I learn better with the letters like high A low C than the actual sheet music so I am hoping someone could give me the link for Claie de Lune like this or some 1920s music or 1000 years or 1000 miles I just really wanna learn these :)Should I quit piano, and start guitar?
Ok, so I have been playing piano for 6 years now. I finished grade 8, last winter. Now, I have a big decision to make. My parents are not too rich, but they said that they can afford me going to Grade 9 piano. However, there is a lot of responsibility on me. I love playing piano, but I don't like practicing. We also moved, and we had to leave my piano, so now we have to buy a new one, which is at least 1000-3000$. I want to play piano, but I am not sure whether I will need it in the future. My parents say that maybe I should stop piano, as I have some skills, and start a guitar, because it is cheaper, and I will be able to play in more often in my future life. I have to make this choice till Wednesday. I don't want to disappoint my parents, if I not finish Grade 9. Also, I am in Grade 10 now, and I find that there is more and more work, so if I continue with a piano, I may have less time for homework. Please help!Making your fingers stretch longer for piano?
I play piano, and I'm teaching myslef to play "A 1000 Miles". You really have to stretch your fingers though. Any techniques to make them stretch longer, and/or make them hurt less when you did it.. I know this may sound funny but like, stretches fr your fingers. :)Do you think it would be hard or easy to compose a piano piece in D flat major ONLY using the black keys?
On the piano, I'm composing a piece in D flat major that uses all black keys and no white keys. Do you have any tips, and how easy do you think composing something like this would be for most people?My favorite piano concertos. And now you can pick your 5 favorite piano concertos!?
Everyone list your top 5 piano concertos. The only thing is that each concerto must be by a different composer. Music is subjective, therefore everyone's opinion is right, unless they list the same composer twice. Best answer goes to whoever explains their choices best. Mine: 1. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 3 My mood currently would pick his 1st piano concerto, but it is not sensible to say that Rachmaninoff''s concerto that he composed at 19 years old is the best ever, the third concerto has everything in it, beautiful melodies, virtuoso musicianship. and huge devilish chords. All four piano concertos should be listened to by everyone. None are lacking. 2. Prokofiev Piano Concerto 2 Love this. Prokofiev's 3rd is also a masterpiece but the 2nd is just irreplaceable. 3. Liszt Totentanz Many people might be surprised to see Liszt on my list. At first glance I am too. His real piano concertos are pretty mediocre. Although Totentanz isn't a full-fledged piano concerto, it is just as worthy as if anyone who would put Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on their list. 4. Macdowell Piano Concerto 2 Many people might be up in arms about putting Macdowell in my top 5. On another day he might not make it. This concerto is really quite brilliant. I don't know why more people (especially romantic era lovers) don't listen to Macdowell a lot. I for one am a fan of his sonatas. 5. Khachaturian Piano Concerto Some call it overly-bombastic. I call it a jaw dropping experience. I absolutely love this concerto. It is original, it is Khachaturian. And you have to listen to it 5 times before you can really start enjoying it. But it is well worth the investment. Honorable mentions: Beethoven Piano Concerto 5 Beethoven certainly deserves a mention. His concerto output overall was really impressive so I have to give him a mention. As cliche as it is, I enjoy his emperor concerto the most. Czerny Piano Concerto in A Minor Czerny. The infamous etude guy. Or is he? No. Czerny is a serious composer who composed more than 1000 works in nearly every form conceived at the time. His piano concerto is very stunning and it is probably my favorite classical era piano concerto. Mozart Piano Concerto 23 Many of you might know I am not a big fan of Mozart. But his concerto output was extremely prolific and worthy of mention. I don't think he really wrote any top 5 material concerto whereas a few of his symphonies and string music is quite outstanding. Medtner Piano Concerto 1 To be honest I have only heard Medtner's 3 piano concertos once. But I am convinced his music is worth many more listens. I thought his 1st was the most outstanding. Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 I really don't like any of Tchaikovsky's concertos that much. I don't really like the 1st one that much. However, I think the opening theme of his 1st concerto is one of the most beautiful themes I have heard, therefore he receives an honorable mention. Grieg Piano Concerto I like many parts of it. But it really doesn't belong in the top 5. Brahms Piano Concerto 2 Maybe I will enjoy Brahms more when I get older. Worthy of a mention. I feel he was a rather uninspired composer. Who waited 43 years before finishing his 1st symphony. Which took a span of 20 years to write! Rubenstein Piano Concerto 4 Anyone interested in the romantic era should give Rubenstein's 5 piano concertos a very thorough listening to. They are wonderful works and #4 is the pinnacle of Rubenstein's briliance. Scriabin Piano Concerto in F-sharp Minor Wow. This concerto is truly beautiful. I am a big fan of this one and I almost forgot to list it too! Composers who are also worthy of names being mentioned and might find someones list: Gabriel Pierne Saint Saens Ravel Moszkowski Shostakovich Thalberg Busoni Hummel Field Chopin Schumann Bartok Melcer Zelenski Zarzycki Paderewski Scharwenka Wieniawski Kullak Stojowski Zadeja Feinberg Raff Beach Martucci Stenhammer Barber If I really listed anymore, I would just be listing everyone who wrote a piano concerto. At any rate, listing those names might allow someone to find a work they haven't heard before but really enjoy! What do you think of my list? Now its your turn to compose yours! I also love Rachmaninoff's 4th.

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