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Questions & Answers :

What are 10 good love guitar chords?
What I mean. Is what are 10 good sounding guitar chords that can be used in a love song and don't give me the basic chords iv been playing for 6 monthsGuitar chords help?(easy 10 points)?
On tab sites, there are songs which have the lyrics, and then chords above them. Should the chords only be played once during each line? Or multiple times until the next chord??:)Guitar chords help!! please! 10 points!!?
Can you guys please help me make a C2 chord and a B chord? By the way I dont read tabs..and can you guys explain how to play in an F#m key and G? Do I use a capo or something? If so, which fret do I place it?Guitar chord help 10 pts?
I'm writing a song -i don't have a capo -its about a girl liking a guy, her not thinking he notices her, and then finding out he likes her at the end -i need guitar chords that would match this that are fairly easy to play/get to quick enough from the last one because I don't have formal lessons and I don't really know guitar well and teach myself what I can! -you can use musical terminology though cause I play piano and sing :) Thank you so much! :DPop song chords ( acoustic guitar ) 10 points?
I need easy chords for pop songs ( ten points ) :.

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